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WE offers a wide range of hydraulic mobile cranes for rental which include PACKING SERVICES, TRUCK CRANES, ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES & ALL TERRAIN CRANES with lifting capacity ranges from minimum 7 ton to maximum 100 ton. Drivers and attendants are provided. On site stand by maintenance technician can be arranged at extra cost.

Crane rental charges will be based on daily, weekly, monthly or contractual arrangement.Additional charges will be levied after normal working hours. Our forklifts are completed with capacity from 2.5 ton to 25 ton. Drivers are provided together with the forklifts whilst attendants can be included on special arrangement. Rental charged according to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or contractual arrangement. Additional charges will be levied after normal working hours. The rigging team of PW are all experienced in installing, moving, positioning and relocating of factory machinery and heavy equipment. We have the require equipment and tool to support our rigging team.

The transportation arrangement is an addition service offer by the company. It is with the aim to provide a total package and convenience logistic solution for our today widely diverse customers base.
Machine for hoisting and moving heavy objects by means of cables attached to a movable boom.

Crane is a large flexible structure moved by a control system that takes its input from a human operator and translates this command into the motion of actuators which move the mechanical structure.

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